A comparison of cable modem and dial up

Sports betting, online gambling, prostitution, anal sex, and bestiality are not illegal in Germany but are illegal in many US states. DSL uses these higher frequencies to send digital data between the DSL modem and the local switching center, without interfering with normal telephone service.

Public hospitals must treat critical conditions of the uninsured; afterwards they send out inflated bills, resulting in a huge number of personal medical bankruptcies. By contrast, Germans like their security quite a bit and are uncomfortable with the dichotomy Freedom vs.

In Germany, these are all appointed, not elected. In Germany, prosecutors have life-time positions not subject to political appointment. DSL does not interfere with normal telephone calls on the telephone line, and does not require dialing a telephone number to initiate a connection, it is always "on".

The quotation "Whoever is willing to give up essential freedoms in order to gain some temporary security deserves neither" is repeated over and over again; I'm sure that there is at least one Usenet article circulating at any given time which contains this sentence.

When I arrived in the United States, I believed that all universities there were private, that professors could be fired if they didn't work hard enough, and that in any case only the rich or the exceptionally smart could go to college due to the high tuitions.

They definitely move in the direction of US TV, not quite reaching it yet though. Many Germans work only 35 hours a week, others Other bureaucracies are also generally friendlier in the US than in Germany.

Accidents with uninsured drivers are a major problem in many states.

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This could however also simply be a consequence of the generally higher level of friendliness in the US which I'll talk more about in the Violence and Aggression section. Often, as a condition of these bargains, the defendant has to give testimony and aid in the conviction of other criminals.

On the other hand: Unlike in Germany, the loser of a lawsuit in the US does not normally have to pay the winner's legal costs.

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With its enterprise level technology, the less expensive access points could not compare. These laws are often written by the Congressmen themselves without much legal knowledge, because they usually don't have a law degree.

Here is an appalling example of this: It appears less socialist however if one takes into account that US schools are financed locally and hence poor communities generally have bad schools; the rich avoid the public school system altogether and send their kids to excellent private schools.

This same game takes place every ten years, and it seems to outrage no one but me. Power light - indicates that the modem is turned on and has power. Many houses in the US, even here in Minneapolis where temperatures can reach negative 40 degrees in winter, still have windows with wooden frames that are opened and closed simply by sliding up and down, providing minimal insulation.

For instance, there is a single union representing everyone working with metal, and if this union decides to call for a general strike, a substantial part of the German economy stands still.

While Americans definitely work more, they are very much focused on making money. Personally I prefer to upgrade the router or access point but sometimes they have their place.

Attorneys are fired and replaced by new ones belonging to the correct party. I have the LB Two Port version, setup was easy, popped in a ATT sim hooked everything up powered the cable modem wifi router and the 2. What do DSL and cable services have in common? Both types of service provide an “always-on” connection.

That is, they’re automatically connected to the Internet as long as the computer is turned on. Compare: DSL Internet vs. Cable.

Internet Speed Comparison – Hardwired vs Wireless

Cable and DSL. Unlike dial-up, which also uses a phone line, a DSL connection is faster, does not require you to share your home phone line, and in some cases doesn’t even require home.

May 14,  · CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of these products and services featured on this page. Welcome to the CNET directory of hosting providers. A subjective comparison of Germany and the United States I grew up in Germany, lived there for 26 years, then moved to the United States in The Internet is an opportunist.

It can travel by radio waves, phone line, cable networks, and even the electrical wiring in your house. For the most part, data travels between computers using physical wires.

[Back to top] Cable internet service. This service uses cable wires, rather than telephone wires, to deliver high-speed internet. The result is faster service.

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A comparison of cable modem and dial up
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